Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shy Patricia Rose

My dear cyber friend Pat Morello of Patricia Rose is my very first feature boutique. I wanted to introduce her to you because she is very shy and will not introduce herself. Just kidding! Anyone who knows Pat will tell you that she is actually a very outgoing and friendly gal!
Pat features in her shop some of the most awesome potpourris that you have ever seen. She home grows as many ingredients as she possibly can, assuring the honest, natural, organic quality of her products. Pat does not use artificial ingredients and is sure to deliver a high quality product, scented with essential oils and not the chemicals that are so commonly used elsewhere. She shared with me that "almost everything [she grows] goes into the potpourri. [She keeps] expanding the gardens in the hope that [she] will no longer have to purchase supplies." Some of her gardens include: roses, herbs, numerous bushes of various sorts, annuals, tons of perennials, and pine trees.

Just speak to Pat once and her enthusiasm for her product will shine through. She mentions, " I have been dabbling in this for years. I like the aromatherapy aspect of natural scents and reallly dislike potpourri that smells 'almost like' something. I like the fact that my potpourri is nearly totally natural (with the exception of musk, which is a synthetic. They no longer kill the poor little deer for their musk glands) and occasionally I have used synthetic rose oil because attar of roses or rose otto is unbelievably expensive. Rose geranium oil is usually my substitute to avoid synthetic." Of course, who could not notice how incredibly eye-appealing her beautiful potpourri is as well.

The one thing that Pat wishes for her customers to take away from their experience with her product is the absolute pleasure of pure fragrance. Since it is so difficult for her to share her scents over a computer, she leaps at the opportunity to convey the essence of her product: "It's something that is only a background note to your home but it makes an impression on people, nonetheless. I would like them to see the benefits of having a 'signature ' fragrance for the living areas, for the bedroom, for the office. Potpourri can be produced to enhance feeling of well being, relaxation, alertness, sensuality."

Pat has hopes of being able to renovate her detached garage as a studio and teaching area in order to give classes. She has a real vision for her business and I know that someday she will have her dream studio...and boy will it smell wonderful! But what is HER favorite scent? "I don't have only one favorite."

Please be sure to visit my dear friend Pat's potpourri boutique at:

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Patricia said...

OMG--thank you so much for the kind words and the plug for my business, you're a sweetie.


Scented Pinecone Sachets

Scented Pinecone Sachets