Thursday, September 25, 2008

Please join us...this will be FUN!!!

Stitches in Time; tiny stitches holding the hem of a linen napkin, stitches intertwined to make the most delicate lace, stitches crocheted by the smallest hook, stitches through canvas strengthened by wool yarn. It's these stitches created out of love that adorn a bedspread crocheted for a granddaughter's wedding, a sampler commemorating the birth of a child, a fine table cloth made to entertain the most important guests and family at Thanksgiving. Each of these stitches has survived the test of time and is so much more appreciated today as gifts from our past and treasures of our future.

Join the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink for our "Stitches in Time" Pink Friday event, September 26. You will find the most cherished item stitched with time and love.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Newest Product!!!

Although I did not win the big prize for my display, I am so happy to use the picture of my creation for this special announcement! I want to introduce to you the newest product for my line, one that I am sure you will love. These are hand dipped scented pinecones. They come in several colors and scents, but this is the very newest one, Peppermint Kiss. The scent is a scrumptious combination of peppermint and white chocolate. A basket of these will scent a room as well as making a beautiful statement. Single cones will scent a small powder room or even a drawer or closet...but I can't imagine hiding one for long! They are so pretty. I will have them listed on my site soon with pricing information. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me in the meantime.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick reminder...

...just letting you all know that this Friday is again our themed shopping event "Pink Friday" over at Make Mine Pink. If you haven't visited there recently, make sure you stop by. I have a number of items on my Little Pink Boutique that will add some homey comfort to your decor...just in time for this Friday's theme: Comforts of Home. Happy shopping!

Monday, September 15, 2008 ten

In the true spirit of my dw friend Shell, I have decided to share a list of things that I am grateful for this Monday.

1. IGF my wonderful dh to whom I have been married for 23 years as of yesterday. It is amazing how time flies, but it's a good life...ain't so?

2. IGF my one and only ds. He is 16 as of the end of August. At 6'2" my guy is one handsome dude with lotsa muscles...but so much more importantly he is an amazing guy on the inside. He is in 11th grade but by the end of the year he will have 30 college credits under his belt. He is currently studying theology and is a writer. The Lord has great plans for this one and I am so happy that my ds knows and loves Him.

3. IGF my dad, who I miss like crazy and my sweet mom who is living nearby.

4. IGF extended family and friends. Isn't it awesome to have a great support system and lots of love surrounding our lives?

5. IGF the retreat and my pink sisters...we are going to have a blast this weekend.

6. IGF the opportunity to display my products for the Business Recognition Award contest. I am so excited to share my ideas with everyone and get some feedback. Hope you all like it! I think you will.

7. IGF my pups who bring such joy to my life.

8. IGF my home, my health, my family's health. For plenty of food, clothes, whatever we need in this wonderful country. What wonderful freedoms we have here too!

9. IGF my dh's job. God is good!

10. IGF...and this actually SHOULD be number one...God's amazing love and that He has provided me a way to spend eternity with Him through Jesus. For being a "new" creature in Him...and oh, how I need that every single day as I keep messing up!

Now, I challenge you all (except Shell...dw). Can you list 10 things you give thanks for today?

Scented Pinecone Sachets

Scented Pinecone Sachets