Monday, March 22, 2010

Aprons....Oh My!

Aprons seem to have been around since the beginning of time. The blacksmith wore one to protect his clothing from the grime associated with his job, gardeners wear them even now to keep tools at hand, and of course the chef or baker will wear one as well. But for most of us, they bring to mind memories of our childhood. Ads from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s show ladies donning beautiful aprons for everyday chores. Though the apron is more traditionally a functional piece, there have been occasions that aprons have made a fashion statement, as evidenced in these ads.

Some of us feel different in an apron. I suppose that is because it allows for a freedom of creativity without worry. We lose the obsession with keeping our clothing free of the remnants of our creativity. We have at hand some cloth to wipe our hand and a pocket to place our smallest items. An apron makes the crafter free.

Whatever your project, whether crafting, cooking, baking, gardening, or even spring cleaning, you will need a good apron to help you get your work done. An apron is the perfect companion for your busy day. That's why The Odd Sparrow is introducing a new line of handcrafted, affordable, stylish aprons. Visit our aprons section on our website at

where you can purchase your apron for all of your spring tasks. And don't forget...they are just as beautiful hanging from a peg when you are not using them, so add one to your decor as well!

One other note: don't forget that tomorrow is Tuesday Treasures at The Odd Sparrow and at Shabby Lane Shops. Visit us and all of the other shops at Shabby Lane as we present our weekly themed shopping event: "Linens, Pillows, and Aprons...Oh My!" During Tuesday Treasures, celebrated the entire day, I will be offering select pillows and aprons at 20% off! So come and join the shopping fun.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another wonderful week

Ahhhhh...I just love this time of year. Don't get me's not quite there, weatherwise. But we keep hoping. Hoping for the sunshine. Hoping for warm weather. And when we do get a day or two here and there, we bathe in its beauty. We throw open the windows to let the fresh air into our homes. We sit in the sunshine, soaking up its every ray as if there will never be another day like this again.

For this very reason spring fever runs through our veins. It overtakes our senses....the air seems cleaner, the day seems brighter, food tastes fresher, and the bird's songs cheer our hearts. What could be more fitting than the spring overhaul of our homes then? We long to wash windows and curtains, clean out the junk we have accumulated, and bake something special. If only we could have that spring fever each and every day...imagine what we would accomplish!

This week at Shabby Lane, the Tuesday Treasures theme is The Kitchen Cupboard. One space I love to freshen up in my home is the kitchen. Just to have fresh linens and pretty serving dishes for spring makes my day! The shops at Shabby Lane are offering lots of special items to help you spruce up your kitchen this Tuesday, March 16. Won't you join us and enjoy a relaxing time of shopping and fun? And while you are sure to stop by The Odd Sparrow where I will offer an array of items to get you started on your spring fresh-up at special pricing. Yes, every week that The Odd Sparrow joins in Tuesday Treasures there is an offering of special treasures for 20% off...sometimes more! So be sure to check with The Odd Sparrow every Tuesday because you don't want to miss anything! See you there!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Springtime in...Paris?

No way! It is getting to be springtime right were you are. While I show my featured product here, Springtime in Paris (which has been greatly reduced in price, by the way), I know you are thinking about freshening up your home.
Please go to my online boutique at and shop til you drop with the coupon code on page one of the site (BESTCUSTOMER) to enjoy even more savings on top of our already reduced prices. And while you are there, check out Tuesday Treasures...all offered at 20% off, as we celebrate the onset of sping this month. For more Tuesday Treasures shopping, enjoy shopping at all of the shops at and...HAPPY SPRING!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am guilty... very guilty! I am guilty of being remiss in posting on my blog. Blogging (i.e. writing in general) somehow tends to present itself as a peculiar challenge in my life. If you were to write to me via instant messaging or personal messaging or even email, I would have no problem responding to you. I can chat away with the best of them. But ask me to blog and my mind is a big blank canvas. It is something that perplexes me. How do I start? What topic should I discuss? Can I write even one full paragraph about that?

I know it sounds silly, especially for those of you who know me. But I am one who has never journaled and I cannot even begin to understand the gift of writing that God has bestowed upon my dear son. So with that, comes the topic for THIS blog post...what to blog about. I am taking any and all suggestions. Please list them in your comments. And as I begin to think about and rework my blog, building on these ideas, I hope you will join me and help me to create a special place where we can all chat as comfortably as if you were here in my home enjoying a cup of tea with me.

Scented Pinecone Sachets

Scented Pinecone Sachets