Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am guilty... very guilty! I am guilty of being remiss in posting on my blog. Blogging (i.e. writing in general) somehow tends to present itself as a peculiar challenge in my life. If you were to write to me via instant messaging or personal messaging or even email, I would have no problem responding to you. I can chat away with the best of them. But ask me to blog and my mind is a big blank canvas. It is something that perplexes me. How do I start? What topic should I discuss? Can I write even one full paragraph about that?

I know it sounds silly, especially for those of you who know me. But I am one who has never journaled and I cannot even begin to understand the gift of writing that God has bestowed upon my dear son. So with that, comes the topic for THIS blog post...what to blog about. I am taking any and all suggestions. Please list them in your comments. And as I begin to think about and rework my blog, building on these ideas, I hope you will join me and help me to create a special place where we can all chat as comfortably as if you were here in my home enjoying a cup of tea with me.

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