Sunday, June 5, 2011

Do What You Love

As I shared with you before, back in April I attended the Women's Show in Nashville, TN.  A friend and I took a road trip there and back, enjoying each and every moment along the way.  One of those moments was during the show when she wanted to visit the Miche booth. 

I had always admired this particular friend's handbag, so I was quite eager to take a look at the Miche products with her.  Little did I know at that moment I was about to fall head over heels, hopelessly in love with this product!

For those of you that are not familiar with Miche, it is not just not a handbag, but an extroadinary handbag.  This particular product has many faces because you buy the base bag (which comes in several sizes and shapes) and then you buy separate shells for the bag.  You will never have to change your bag again and yet you will always have a bag to match your outfit!  They never go out of style and each and every month a new lineup of shells is released, allowing you to continually update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.  Of course the best part is that these shells attach with the use of earth magnets, safe for your credit cards, cell phone, cameras, and even airport security.  And as a result, they are super easy and quick to change.  You can swap out handles as well, resulting in endless possibilities. getting back to my guessed it.  I bought my first Miche.  Well, it was a bundle.  I bought the mini, an adorable smaller bag, with three shells.  I wore that bag for about a month, changing my shell every chance I got.  I knew I had to have more.  I thought to myself, "Self, why not host a Miche party?!"  And so I called a rep in my area to set one up.  Only one problem...the rep is on hiatus.  She referred me to another rep.  But that particular rep took several days to get back to me and in the meantime, I was talking to myself again.  "Self," I said "you could rep these gorgeous bags yourself!"  And so, the idea was born...I became a rep.

Last week I held my first party.  It was a huge success.  The bags practically sold themselves and I was a very happy camper.  Lesson learned.  Do what you love.  So, I am now selling Miche bags as well as running The Odd Sparrow.  Sure, I am a busy girl, but idle hands are the devil's workshop, no?  And honestly, I am happy as a clam!

**To find out how to become a Miche Party hostess, become a Rep, or if you simply want to buy a Miche, please email me at or text me at 717-858-0806.**

Scented Pinecone Sachets

Scented Pinecone Sachets