Monday, March 21, 2011

Please be patient...

This has been an interesting and fun week, though not productive overall. Even as I managed to keep up with my household duties such as laundry, cooking, and the like, I have not managed to create anything for the shop. There is truly a good reason for this...maybe a few.

This week my son has been home on Spring Break from college. He also brought his sweet girlfriend with him. What a treat! We have been laughing all week. It is so much fun to have them here, if only for a short time. We have looked through his baby photo albums several times, shopped quite a bit, chatted a lot, and watched videos into the wee hours. You see, I was soaking it up because on Sunday they left, heading back to their school in Virginia.

Some of you know that my mom had surgery on Thursday. We are currently looking ahead to the days when the recovery is complete, physical therapy and pain behind her. I am sure my sister will be coming for a visit with mom soon. But in the meantime, my nest is quiet...really quiet.

Maybe I will get more done in the week ahead because of my loneliness for the kids. Hopefully I will be able to pour it out into creativity, sewing myself silly, or crocheting, or painting, or some such activity. The ideas are there...and inspiration abounds. But time is short....too short not to enjoy your family when you have the opportunity. So, I look forward to bringing you more of my inspired work very soon. Until then, please be patient and keep your eyes on The Odd Sparrow but mostly keep your eyes focused on Jesus!

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Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Yup, you have to enjoy every minute you can because the time just flies by. Hope you are able to get some creating done!

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