Monday, February 21, 2011

Grand REopening...and renewed passion

I have been noticeably absent from the blog world for almost a year. It's been quite a journey these months and I hope to share some of those experiences with you in the months to come. But the announcement I want to make today is that The Odd Sparrow is up and running FULL FORCE!

Two days after the last blog post I began a new job. About a month later that job became full time for me and set me on a year long course that would require more time and energy than I had imagined. As a result, The Odd Sparrow had to be placed on the back burner and while it was still functional, new products were hard to come by as I did not have the time to create.

I am currently back at home full time and LOVING every moment of it. The Odd Sparrow has a renewed sense of purpose and a passion that will drive the company for years to come. I hope you will set out on this journey with me. It will be one of excitement, creativity, and passion for all things created. I have already begun restocking the shop with some unique and beautiful treasures and I am in the process of creating quite a few more. As each item is complete it will be added to the store, so always be on the lookout for new items.

Also, please note that the website is currently being updated to reflect new categories. There is a search engine to help you find your favorite items. But if you have any trouble finding them, you know where I am! Just send me an email and I'll get right back to you with the answers you need.

So with that I wish you a happy coming spring and lots of enjoyable shopping at The Odd Sparrow!

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Scented Pinecone Sachets

Scented Pinecone Sachets