Sunday, March 15, 2009


Last time I shared with you a little bit of what my ds has been involved in with his youth group. Today, I would like to share a bit more because I am so proud of these kids.

Once a year, our youth group of approximately 140 kids, does the 30 hour Famine benefiting World Vision. During this time the kids go without any food from lunchtime on Friday through 6 pm on Saturday, when they break their fast during the worship service with communion. This is actually a fund raiser for hungry kids around the globe. As a matter of fact, our church is the second highest fundraiser in the nation for this particular outreach. This is a real testimony of the love of God displayed in our children. This is the link for the project. You will find it touching to see what kids all over the country are doing:

The purpose of the fast is to raise money, as I previously mentioned, but also to raise awareness. During this time they are usually visited by someone from World Vision who will talk about the needs of hungry children throughout the world. They have some time of reflection and worship on Friday evening and then they will end the evening with glow bowling. At this point they head off to various homes to sleep for a while.

In the morning, the kids meet back at church to receive their service project assignments. They spend Saturday meeting needs in their local community, doing everything from cleaning and yardwork to cooking for hungry people in the area (all while they are not eating). This year, my son had a wonderful assignment where he was able to use one of his many talents. He and some friends were sent to a nursing home where their band played for the residents. They took their accoustic instruments (a bit easier for the elderly to handle) and played and sang to them. Last year his service project included cleaning at a nursing home, where he found himself climbing a ladder to dust a chandelier. But these kids do not just spend their times at nursing homes. Some were assigned to homes for unwed mothers where they cleaned and played with the children.

Saturday afternoon the kids meet back at church for some games. My son was not able to participate in these games as he had to practice with the band for the worship service that they ended the event with at 6 pm. Such a wonderful and moving experience this service was. It was a blessing to be a part of it.

This event as thus far raised a total of over $23,400.00. Now, the goal is $34,000.00, so these kids have a way to go, but they do not stop bringing in donations for another month. This is where they are able to see a big boost in giving. As testimony of this event gets around, hearts are touched and lives are blessed.

It is my prayer that these kids would meet and exceed their goal. All of our youth events are paid for by the kids so that the entirety of monies raised will go straight to World Vision to feed hungry children. World Vision has a very low administrative cost and thus is able to send 87% of all donations straight to those who need it most. addition to this, all donations this year will be multiplied 5x by federal grants, so your donation will go a very, very long way.

If you are blessed with a full pantry and a meal on your table this evening, I would ask that you consider donating to this wonderful cause. It will bless you abundantly to know that you are helping to put food in the belly of a starving child. You can make your donation through this link:

Please know that this is a worthy cause and excellent organization, which I have personally worked with for many, many years. Know that you are blessing others through this donation. And above all, pray that we might make a difference in the lives of these children through this effort.


Lisa said...


What a wonderful experience your son had. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story.


Cottage Flair said...

Sounds like an amazing project and learning experience for all involved. I am truly impressed that you son is so involved. Good job to you for having such a caring son. good luck raising the remaining goal.

gail said...

Hi Carolyn, I am so happy your son had a great weekend. This is such a wonderful cause and character building as well. BRAVO! I hope they do exceed their worthy goal.

Its been really nice to see you have some more time to post. I know how busy you were. I need to sit down and send you an email to keep in touch. ;),,, hugs, gail

Carolee Crafts said...

Well done to all the participants of this task. The young are often misjudged.

Susan said...

I think with guidance and love that our youth will always rise to the challenge...many adults should be so caring...

Tedi said...


How wonderful a son and what a nice reflection on you too. Big "atta boys" for all involved!!! Tedi

Patricia said...

Congratulations to your DS and the entire Youth Group. It is heart warming to read of the wonderful things our kids are doing to help others. To all the parents and the Church group, job well done instilling these important qualities.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Hey dw!
You have every right to be proud of them! What a wonderful and meaningful project.

bunny hugs,
shell dw

Beloved Creations said...

I am so impressed with your son.

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