Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Few New Items...for SPRING...

...if spring EVER gets here! First up are two new items to my site. These will both carry you right through to the warm summer months. The basket of stars is always a favorite. This spring green wire basket is filled with 8 beautiful stars, 5 green and 3 blue. The green stars are scented with Garden Breeze, a fresh, clean scent that you are going to just love as it transports you to memories of beautiful days in the sun. The blue stars carry the awesome scent of Spring Rain...what could be more exhilerating? These stars will look great on a little candle dish but look stunning floating in a bowl of water, pond, or pool. They can be found at a special introductory price on my website:
Next up are the Scented Pinecone Sachets, found exclusively at my webshop: These beauties are each a minimum of 4 inches long and are hand dipped in wax scented with Lavender-Vanilla. They come three per pack and are offered in this trio of beautiful colors. They make a great gift!
And now for a little preview of what is coming next. I will be listing these items this week. The grubby jar set is perfect indoors or out and will come with a tealight for each jar to get you started. Imagine how adorable your table will look with these little buggies to decorate it!

Another item that I will be listing this week (as I play catch up with my site) are these adorable little Painted Ladybug Pillows. The little painted patch is stitched onto a pillow made with this colorful Waverly brand fabric. This cheerful pillow always reminds me of a about you?
Oh...I have soooooo much more to show you, but remember...this is JUST a preview! You will have to keep checking my blog and site for all of the other new items I am currently listing. You will NOT be sorry as you ready your home for spring!
Hope everyone has a grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat week and gets their spring cleaning done...or at least started!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's about time...for a PREVIEW!

It is so good to be back after all of the trade show craziness. I promised a few of you a little peek at my fall pillow designs. Hope you like them!

Scented Pinecone Sachets

Scented Pinecone Sachets